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Trezz Furniture

We took on the creative endeavor of crafting the brand catalog for Trezz, the distinguished decoration brand founded by Rezzan Benardete and Tayfun Mumcu. This catalog serves as a comprehensive representation of the brand's essence and vision, seamlessly blending artistic spirit with detailed insights into the diverse collections and products offered by Trezz.


Our approach to the catalog's design was underpinned by a strategic framework and creative writing expertise. Every page unfolds a narrative that not only captures the aesthetic ethos of Trezz but also delves into the intricate details that define each collection and product within the brand.


In addition to the thoughtful layout and design, the visual narrative is brought to life through the lens of the talented photographer, Serkan Emiroğlu. The captivating imagery serves as a visual journey, offering a glimpse into the intricate craftsmanship and distinctive design elements that characterize Trezz's offerings.


As a result, the Trezz brand catalog stands as a testament to the fusion of strategy, creativity, and visual storytelling. It goes beyond a mere product showcase, providing a holistic and immersive experience for those exploring the world of Trezz and its exceptional contributions to the realm of decoration.


Creative Strategy

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