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We believe in simple ideas.


In a world where brands have so much to say, it’s a challenge to keep the message simple. We believe that through design, it’s possible to get rid of what’s unnecessary in order to make room for the essence.


Our design philosophy is to always use the simplest and fewest elements to create maximum effect. We think the world would be a much better place if only it was a little bit simpler.


Simple is powerful.

Simple is smart.

Simple is effective.

Simple is clear.

Simple is focused.

Simple cuts through.

Simple endures.

Wondering how it works?
How we come up with all that we come up with?
Here is our secret formula:





We do a thorough investigation of your brand's universe; its past and present, the industry in which it lives and breathes and the company it keeps. We even go beyond borders to look at trends and similar practices from around the world.

We take all the inspiration we derive from our immersion and turn it into action. We give free rein to everyone! The next thing you know, ideas start pouring in on paper in the form of words, scribbles and doodles.

We love all our ideas. But only a few will survive our torture test, the process by which we analyze each idea. We only select the best from which to design our finest work.

It’s time for romance! Time to visually express what we’ve already expressed verbally. Time to craft a visual language that communicates simply but moves emotionally.


Zeynep Tonguç

Founder, Creative Director

Born in 1978, Zeynep is graduated from Sankt Georg Austrian College and was accepted to Kingston University, London, one of the UK's top five art and design schools. Upon receiving her diploma on Graphic Design with merit, she returned to Istanbul and was the art director for RPM/Radar and Yesim Demir Tasarım for 10 years, working closely with many of Turkey’s leading brands such as Allianz, Bahçıvan Gıda, Bilgili Holding, Evyap (Evybaby, Evylady, Duru, Arko, Gibbs) Kopaş (Dalin, Alix Avien, Sesu, XO) Eczacibaşı Holding (İpek Kağıt, O.K, Egos), IKSV, Istanbul Modern, Nurus, Nuxx, Mandarina Duck, Triko Mısırlı, Otis, Mood.

Always the enthusiast for good design evoking emotion, PEP Creative Design Studio was founded in 2008 with a mission to make a difference in the brand story by touching users' hearts. 
To this day, Zeynep has created more than 50 brands from scratch, when the client only had a vague idea on mind.  She and her team have been managing, designing and implementing meaningful, smart and seductive brand experiences for brands like Dardanel, Sağlık ve Eğitim Vakfı, Sony Playstation, VitrA, Nippon Paint, SushiCo, Dardenia, Tahin, Seba Holding and many more.
With an idea-driven mindset and 20+ years experience, she and her team are still creating solid visual systems and helping brands to speak their true language every day.
Zeynep is the chiarperson of the GMK / Turkish Graphic Designers Association since April 2021 and have been invited to speak at national and international seminars and jury panels.

STD (Society of Typographic Designers - UK) MISTD Merit Ödülü
GMK Menu Design Award 
IDW Design Week Istanbul Showroom Design 
GMK Catalogue Design Award 
GMK Packaging Design Award 
GMK Logo Design - Mention 
GMK Corporate Identity - Mention 
GMK Periodical Design - Mention 
Entry to the Book: Turkish Graphic Designers
Donside Student Awards - Silver Award


Our work is not possible without our team.

That's why we listen and care for eachother deeply.


Brand Identity

We love brands, and we love creating them. We specialize in considering every aspect of a brand's visual and verbal language that is smart, memorable, creative and consistent.

Brand Guidelines

We care a lot about how your brand appears to the world. Without guidelines, your strongest asset may run the risk of appearing weak.

Packaging Design

Retail is detail. Your products are on center stage everyday fighting for the consumer's attention. Well-crafted design and a smart communication hierarchy can set you apart from your closest rival.

Communication Design

We help shape the messages you want to convey so you may stand out from your competition. We help you build emotional connections with your targets through smart design across a wide selection of media.

Design for Print

Whether it's an annual report, a product brochure or corporate literature, anything that's well-designed and clearly communicates your message makes a better and more elegant brand.

Tone of Voice

Your brand should sound as good as it looks. Words are just as important as images in making your brand come alive. We work to create a distinctive tone of voice for all our clients.

Brand Name Creation

Creating a name is almost half the battle in establishing your brand and products in the marketplace. Difficult yet incredibly fun to do, the sky is the limit for us when it comes to generating ideas.

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