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SAC logo & branding

SAC is a continuation of the deep-rooted and contemporary educational tradition upheld by the Health and Education Foundation's other schools, a tradition dating back to the mid-1800s. With its new and award-winning campus, SAC aims to cultivate future leaders and individuals synonymous with success, drawing upon the knowledge and experience derived from its extensive history.

Building on a legacy of strength drawn from 140-150 years of educational excellence, mirroring the resilience of sister institutions such as ÜAL, ACI, and TAC. A sustainable education ethos is the integral aspect reflected in the logo's design.


The chosen symbol, a door, encapsulates these ideals aptly. Representing strength, experience, and resilience, the door signifies the institution's commitment to producing individuals who are the "keystone" of society.


Moreover, the interconnections within the design symbolize the unity and solidarity within the community. As students pass through this powerful door, they not only enter into a realm of education but emerge as contributors to the future of society, embodying the mission to shape undiscovered professional paths and serve as the cornerstone of societal progress.


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In architecture, an arch is a structural connection that joins two columns or supports each other with a top semicircle, flattened curve, trefoil leaf, or similar shape. It serves to distribute the weight of overlying walls onto the two supporting columns through a vaulted connection. Stone arches were first developed by the Romans thousands of years ago, and since then, arches have been a fundamental architectural element.


Also known as the key stone, the keystone in architecture is the stone that ensures the locking of a stone structure, typically found at the highest point of an arch, vault, or dome. It plays a crucial role in maintaining the structural integrity of the architectural element by preventing the stones from collapsing. The keystone is a key component in distributing the weight and forces within the structure, contributing to the stability and longevity of the architectural feature.