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Nippon Paint & Filli Boya

Within our portfolio lies a significant collaboration with Filli Boya, marked by the creation of a series of brochures, price catalogues, and color specimen folders. Our commitment to design excellence is unmistakably evident in every aspect, presenting a visual language that not only captivates but also precisely articulates the essence of Filli Boya's offerings.


Each detail is purposefully aligned to convey a sense of professionalism and commitment in order to elevate the visual identity of Filli Boya to new heights.



Color specimen folders

We designed the branding material for a press event where Filli Boya showcases a color palette chosen specifically for Autumn. 

As the leading paint brand in Asia, Nippon Paint brings 140 years of expertise to produce specialized and expertly developed paints for every need. Serving as the solution partner for those seeking beyond mere colors, Nippon Paint offers Turkey's most extensive product range.

We designed and implemented various printed material for the brand.

Nippon Paint

At PEP Creative, we aligned with the corporate identity, revitalizing color palettes and product brochures to reflect the essence of Nippon Paint's legacy and commitment.