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dentgroup & dentgroup kids

We have crafted a fresh brand identity for DentGroup, Turkey's rapidly expanding dentistry chain. With a youthful and innovative team, our aim was to mirror these qualities in the brand identity. We fashioned a distinctive symbol using the letters 'd' and 'g,' strategically placing it at the end of the brand name to resemble a registration sign.

The overarching concept behind the brand is "impact." DentGroup leaves a lasting impact on patients, students, doctors, and the industry as a whole. Our brand identity incorporates circles and gradients to visually convey this impactful image.


Strategy and concept development

Logo re-design


In terms of color, we opted for a sophisticated grey palette, consciously differentiating ourselves from competitors who typically lean towards a blue color scheme.

We have also redesigned the sub-brand DentGroupKids, a specialized dentist office catering to children aged 0-12 years. The redesign incorporates a playful and vibrant color scheme and icon set that aligns with the upbeat vibe of the overall brand.