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Dardanel Frozen Series



Products in the Dardanel frozen series were sold in a common bag. While the large window allowed consumers to see the product inside the packaging, the clutter in the freezers and the stacking of products made selection difficult. Additionally, the appearance of frozen seafood was not appetizing. Product differentiation was done with stickers, which often tore off, making the product name unreadable due to the small font.


Another Barrier:

Seafood is not well-known among Turkish consumers. They were hesitant to purchase the products as they were unsure how to use or cook them.



We designed separate bags for each product in the frozen series, making product names visible. We differentiated breaded and natural products using color codes and carried the same design to boxed products. This increased our shelf visibility, positively impacting sales.


We collaborated with a recipe expert to create and photograph recipes for each product. The relevant recipe can be found on the back of each package.

arka yüzler.jpg

We differentiated breaded products from natural ones using color codes and applied the same design to boxed products.


The "Easy Cook" series belonging to the Frozen Foods group is a product that cooks directly from the freezer in a pan without requiring any preparation. When designing its packaging, we aimed to highlight its features effectively, and we conducted a photo shoot that resembles a chef's dish straight out of a gourmet restaurant menu.

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