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Bürotime concept development

The Orgatec Fair, the most significant gathering in the office furniture sector, brought together industry professionals from around the world in the city of Cologne, Germany, from October 25 to 29, 2022. This year, Bürotime also participated in the fair under the theme "New Visions of Work." They requested us to develop a concept and create the entire visual identity for the exhibition.

In response, we drew inspiration from the concept of "Balance," emphasizing its significance in various aspects of life, starting from the balance between work and personal life, especially in the context of the rapidly evolving digital transformation processes and the conditions imposed by the pandemic.

At the fair, Bürotime highlighted the importance of achieving "Balance" in all aspects of life, considering flexible working hours, dynamics of working independent of location, and the speed of digital communication.

Looking ahead, Bürotime aims to bring balance to people's lives through its designs and products, considering elements such as:

  • Work X Home Life

  • Design X Functionality

  • Tradition X Innovation

  • Individuality X Teamwork

  • Old X New Ways of Working

  • Technology X Nature

  • Growth X Sustainability

By maintaining a balance among these factors, Bürotime aims to introduce products that contribute to the balance in people's lives in the coming period.


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