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SEV Primary Schools

SEV Schools provide extremely quality education right from kindergarten to middle school at 3 different locations - Üsküdar, Izmir and Tarsus. During their 8 years at school students attend to high numbers of extracurricular activities. It can be about sports, science or arts. It can be an activity for 1st graders or teenagers. It is sometimes a one shot event or part of a series. 


Each activity needs to come with a poster and communication materials that requires to mirror the soul and theme of the event. After a few years of designing their posters, we realized that all communication material was looking very different from one another and there was nothing to tie all the posters, except the logo on the corner.


So, we decided to come up a with a branding system that will work like clockwork, with strict rules about color, use of logo and use of visual materials. In order to express the brand values of the institution in brand identity we used circular forms. These forms express unlimited potential, inclusive possibilities, sincerity and creativity. When it comes to color, Üsküdar is always in blue, İzmir in red and Tarsus in orange. Below you can see the examples of all the different communication materials.


Brandbook design

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