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Destereci Fırını branding design

In reimagining the identity of Destereci Fırını, a bakery with over 70 years of history, we aimed to seamlessly blend tradition with contemporary elegance. Our focus on brand building and a robust strategy was pivotal in crafting a new logo and branding design.

The challenge lay in preserving the vintage charm while infusing a fresh, sophisticated look. The result is a visual masterpiece that pays homage to the bakery's heritage while appealing to a modern audience.

Our approach went beyond aesthetics, encompassing a strategic brand-building initiative. Every design element, from color palette to symbolism, was meticulously chosen to communicate a unified message of quality, tradition, and innovation.


Logo design

Print material

Packaging design

Menu design

In-store branding and printed materials

Social media communications

Destereci Fırını's new visual identity is more than a design upgrade; it's an investment in a strong brand future. It not only captures the essence of the bakery's timeless appeal but also strategically positions it for continued success in the evolving culinary landscape.

Hand-made illustration of Tekirdağ, home town of the brand.

The illustration was made using many old postcards from the town museum. 

Illustrator: Ferit Güleç

Destereci Fırını
Destereci Fırını

We created stunning imagery for the brand, the image style is fresh, natural but with lots of contrast lighting.

Photography Studio: Studio Cuccina

Destereci Fırını
Destereci Fırını